Boiler Servicing & Common Faults

Your boiler should last for between 10 and 15 years, but to work efficiently for this long it will need regular servicing.

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How Often Should You Service Your Boiler?

Your boiler should be serviced at least once per year by a Gas Safe registered engineer like On Tap Plumbing. This is essential to keep it operating safely and effectively. If you don’t get your boiler serviced regularly you could end up with higher energy bills and expensive issues.

Is The Cost Of A Boiler Service Worth It?

It’s far cheaper to get regular maintenance than it is to fix major preventable faults. A new boiler should come with one to two years warranty – but this could be voided if you don’t get yearly services.

It’s usually cheaper to pay for annual boiler services and one off repairs than it is to pay for boiler cover, even if you take into account a repair every two years.

Common Boiler Problems

Regular boiler servicing will reduce the occurrence of common issues significantly, but it’s still normal to experience problems even with regular maintenance.

A malfunctioning boiler has the potential to be extremely dangerous. It’s important that you keep an eye out for the following problems and call a Gas Safe engineer to deal with them safely

New boiler installation


Boiler leaks are one of the most common issues. Leaks can cause water damage and boiler malfunction. A leak is a serious issue and should be dealt with by a professional as soon as possible. You should never attempt to find the leak yourself.

Low Boiler Pressure

Are your radiators and taps running cold? This could be down to low boiler pressure. Typical boiler pressure should be at 1.5 bars, though this can vary by model. The pressure will be shown on the boiler’s display panel. You can repressure a boiler yourself, but if you don’t feel comfortable with this call a Gas Safe engineer to help.

No Heating or Hot Water

Nobody wants a freezing cold shower in the morning. If your hot water and heating aren’t working, there’s definitely something wrong with your boiler. There can be a number of different reasons for this, so it’s best left to a professional. Call a Gas Safe engineer like On Tap Plumbing to investigate the fault.

Radiator Faults

If you’re getting cold patches on your radiators you may need to bleed them. Cold patches can signify a range of problems, so if bleeding your radiators doesn’t solve the issue you’ll need a specialist to help. There may be an issue with sludge build up that will need to be cleaned. This should only be done by a professional engineer.

Why Boiler Services Are So Important | Call On Tap Plumbing For Your Boiler Service Now

Regular boiler servicing will give you the peace of mind that potential issues are being kept at bay. Finding problems early means that they can be fixed cheaply and quickly.

Leaving your boiler without being checked could result in expensive fixes – or worse. Boilers can be lethal if they haven’t been serviced properly. Gas is a silent killer and could put you and your family in danger. Regular boiler services are vital to keep your home safe.


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Boiler Servicing & Common Faults

Your boiler should last for between 10 and 15 years, but to work efficiently for this long it will need regular servicing. How Often Should

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