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Looking for gas engineers in Taunton? Make On Tap Plumbing South West Ltd your first choice. Whether you want your appliances serviced or want your central heating repaired, we can help. Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers perform long-lasting heating repairs and maintenance in Taunton and the surrounding areas of Somerset, including Bridgwater and Wellington. Moreover, we offer our high-quality solutions for affordable prices.

We always outperform our competitors with our top-quality gas services, professional staff and affordable rates. Whether you want a central heating repair, or your cooker fixed, we promise great value for money. Get in touch with us today for all your gas solutions.

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Gas Safe

Here at On Tap Plumbing South West Ltd, we are Gas Safe Registered, offering Gas Safety Inspections and Certifications to clients throughout Taunton for homeowners, agents and landlords. Fully qualified, experienced and certified, you can fully rely on our gas engineers to perform gas work quickly, effectively and in complete compliance with UK safety legislation.

Gas Appliance Services

For gas appliance services in Taunton, we are the company to call. Whether your cooker isn’t functioning as it should or your central heating system won’t turn on, then call us for expert services at competitive rates. Just a few of the gas appliances we maintain and repair include:

  • Ranges
  • Cooktops
  • Gas stoves
  • Hot water systems
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Central Heating Repairs

On Tap Plumbing Ltd specialise in central heating repairs for customers in Taunton. We understand that many problems can occur with your central heating system, not just with the boiler, but with the many other essential parts of a system. On Tap Plumbing Ltd specialise in central heating repairs throughout Taunton, providing a comprehensive diagnostic and central heating repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only a Gas Safe registered engineer should undertake a gas safety check, which will test your gas appliances to ensure they are safe to use in your home.

Our gas appliance safety assessments at On Tap Plumbing ensure that your appliance:

  • Is properly set and adjusted so the gas burns correctly
  • Is suitable for the room it’s located in
  • Is physically stable, securely fitted and properly connected to the gas pipework. 

Our Engineers will also make sure: 

  • There is a constant and enough supply of air for the appliance
  • Al safety devices are operational
  • All Flues, chimneys, and air vents are functioning. 

A system flush is a procedure that cleans your central heating system of things such as sludge, debris, and limescale. By removing these contaminants, the treatment improves the efficiency of your central heating system and can also help to fix issues such as cold spots in your radiators. 

If you do regular maintenance and servicing (professional servicing is advised every a year), a preventative System Powerflush should only be required every 5-6 years.

If your radiator has cold spots, it’s possible that there is trapped air or even sludge in the system. By getting a Gas Engineer at On Tap Plumbing to bleed and balance the radiators or alternatively power flush the system, you can eradicate these cold spots and get your home hot again. 

Like with all of our services, the team at On Tap Plumbing must firstly quote you for how much the job is likely to cost. We will also need an inspection of the problem in order to gauge the time taken to fix the issue and the components/method needed for repair. We provide free quotations so that there are no hidden costs when we come to fixing your heating system. 

Contact On Tap Plumbing for a free quotation or if you have anymore questions about our Gas Engineers or central heating services. 

Contact Our Gas Engineers In Taunton

Contact On Tap Plumbing South West Ltd for gas engineers in Taunton. Whether you are based in Taunton or a nearby area including Wellington and Bridgwater, come to us for first-rate services. Whatever your gas issues or requirements, we can help.

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