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If you’re looking for a gas engineer in Taunton, it’s important to find someone who is qualified to do the job before you let them into your home. Gas has the potential to be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands, so it’s vital that you make sure your engineer knows exactly what they’re doing.

Over a million households are put at risk by illegal gas fitters every year. On Tap Plumbing employ many gas engineers in Taunton, so we know exactly what to look for. Here’s our list of essential credentials we require to ensure they can do the job properly and safely.

What To Look For In a Reliable Gas Engineer in Taunton

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The Gas Safe Register

The Gas Safe Register is an official list of gas engineers who are legally allowed to work on gas appliances. The register ensures that everyone on their list has appropriate, up-to-date qualifications for the work they carry out. Engineers are required to renew their registration every year. At an absolute minimum, the gas engineer you employ must be on this register.

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Gas Safe ID Card

The details of your engineer’s registration will be on their Gas Safe ID card. Make sure you ask to see this card. The card should have a photo, a company name, a start and expiry date and a license number on. Official Gas Safe ID cards will have the Gas Safe logo hologram on them.

You can also check an engineer online on the Gas Safe Register website. If they can’t show you a card and don’t appear on the Gas Safe Register website, do not allow them to carry out the work.

Accreditations & Guilds

The back of the Gas Safe ID card will list what types of gas appliances they are allowed to work on. The list will show you they are qualified for appliances such as gas boilers, cookers and water heaters. If the job you need them to do isn’t on this list, do not allow them to do the work. It’s very important that the engineer you choose is qualified specifically for the job you need them to do.

Don’t Be Fooled

Some shady traders will use the Gas Safe logo all over their vans and websites even if they aren’t on the register. If you haven’t seen their Gas Safe ID card or had confirmation from the Gas Safe Register that they’re qualified for the job, it’s likely they aren’t being truthful.

If a gas engineer demands an up front payment, they could be a dodgy dealer. A trustworthy company like On Tap Plumbing should provide free quotations without any hidden costs.

If you suspect someone is illegally carrying out gas work without registration, you should report it to the Gas Safe Register.

Boiler Service

Call On Tap Plumbing Today for Gas Engineers in Taunton

Whether it’s a gas safety check, a boiler service or any other service that you need, On Tap Plumbing employ the best engineers in Taunton for the job. We pride ourselves on our excellent standards of safety and efficiency.

On Tap Plumbing are Gas Safe Registered, and our gas engineers ensure that they keep up-to-date with accreditations and training. This means that you can be certain that we’ll carry out the work safely and effectively.


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